I was born in December in the middle of a thunderstorm while my Mother nearly fell asleep during the process. Five years on she had no more time to rest.

I started playing the piano, singing in a children’s choir, dancing ballet and soon after training rhythmic gymnastics five times a week.

My Parents may not be professional artists, but thanks to their love to art my childhood was surrounded by painters, writers, dancers and of course musicians. I became familiar with different artists from our Vinyl and CD Collection; The Doors lying next to Arnold Schönberg or Charlie Parker.

If the reason for my openness towards the contemporary arts is rooted back to this time, it is neither important nor for sure; But when I started my piano studies at the age of 15 at the University of the Arts in Berne, I definitely set my course by choosing Pierre Sublet as a Professor for my studies. In the following nine years, I was able to benefit from his immense experience in contemporary and interdisciplinary arts.

After half a year of studies at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and the following completion of the Master of Piano Pedagogy with distinction, I chose to add another Master‘s degree in Théâtre Musical which I finished in June 2016. I‘ve finally found a way to express myself in all the different kinds of art I‘m interested in; I can combine the piano with my voice, with movement, with text, with light concepts or choreographies.